Diaper Cakes

Our diaper cakes are unique and will make a new mom-to-be greatful. They make good additon to any event and great centerpiece. We also make for birthdays matching the theme of your event.

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  • Elegant baby crib diaper cake for a beautiful princess. Show stopper at any babyshower. Customized like a real baby crib but yet filled with all the necessities a new mom needs when baby arrives. Mom and baby is in for a treat when they open up this crib of goodies ranging from diaper to onesie..
  • It is always a special moment when there is a celebration of life. Our centerpiece puts that final touch to your baby's shower, birthday, christening and more. Let's gift the gift that will keep memories alive. It is a diaper baby crib with size 1, 2, and 3 diapers, baby bowl, pacifier, receiving bl..
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  • The one and only diaper castle made for a special little prince. Gift him the gift that he will grow to love as mom pampers him with it. Mom's love it and the guests will keep on talking about this one of a kind centerpiece at a baby shower or christening. ..